• Cats Damaging Wildlife Populations

    BY AFOP, August 8th 2012

    A new research project conducted in Athens, Georgia , U.S.A has revealed that domestic cats kill more wildlife than previously thought. Cats left to roam freely outside of their homes kill an average of 2 animals per week, with 1 in 3 cats regularly hunting wildlife.

    Ecologist and researcher Kerrie Anne Lloyd, from Georgia University conducted her ‘Kitty Cams’ research by attaching cameras to the collars of 60 domestic cats, monitoring their daily lives for 7-10 days. At the end of each day, the cat owners removed the cameras, downloaded the footage and recharged the cameras ready for the next day of filming.

    The research found that 44% of the cats actively engaged in hunting wildlife including birds and lizards. 30% of prey caught by cats was eaten immediately whilst 49% was left to rot. Lizards, snakes and frogs accounted for 40% of the prey, small mammals such as chipmunks accounted for 25% and birds made up 12% of the cats prey.

    The study highlighted that cats have a greater impact on wildlife than previously imagined, as past studies have failed to examine the majority of prey which cats leave to rot where they kill it, never bringing it home for their owners to see. The results also revealed the vulnerability of cats from getting hit by cars and stuck in holes when roaming freely. 45% of the cats crossed roads during their typical day, 25% ate food and drink that they found outside and 1 in 5 were found crawling into tight spaces and entering storm drains.

    The Telegraph- Cats killing more wildlife than previously thought

    (CC) Image by Peter Forster

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